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Invasion 3D
Joachim Garraud Backward
Joachim Garraud | October 11, 2012 | 2180
After being one of the first DJs to use massively videos in his shows, after have intimately involved sound and image in performances using the keytar (keyboard, guitar) and exclusive clips, Joachim Garraud adds the third dimension by presenting to the public his new production "INVASION 3D".
This is for the first time, a show audio / video / live bringing to the public a total immersion in the world of Joachim Garraud and this in relief with masks designed according to the logo of the famous DJ.

The first representation of INVASION 3D was held on September 8, 2012 in Chatou, near Paris, for the third edition of the festival Inox Park.
15,000 people were able to live a live musical experience in 3D and came away with a Space invader mask allowing them to watch clips in relief on Youtube

The show 3D Joachim Garraud Invasion is from now on tour with concerts scheduled around the world (Morocco, USA, China, Brazil, France, Canada, Spain, etc ...)

And for those who had not yet the chance to see the brand new show Invasion 3D by Joachim Garraud and leave with a mask 3D Space Invader visit the SpaceShop to get one now.

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